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TLP Editions: Full Set
TLP Editions: Full Set
TLP Editions: Full Set
TLP Editions: Full Set
TLP Editions: Full Set

    TLP Editions: Full Set

    €200.00 €270.00

    TLP Editions is a collection of emerging talent and new projects in the form of accessible and inexpensive publications.

    This set contains the 43 TLP Editions published, and you will receive the next 2 by post for free to have a complete set of 45 publications.

    With already 43 publications and new titles added regularly, the TLP Editions series is becoming a substantial collection of diverse photographic practices from Ireland and abroad. You can browse individual titles here.

    Artists presented in 2017: Cristina Gismondi, Ellius Grace, George Voronov, James Forde, Jane Cummins, Kevin Griffin, Mark McGuinness, Robert Ellis, Ruth Connolly, and Sarah Flynn.
    Artists presented in 2018: Clare Gallagher, Gerry Blake, Jamin Keogh, Josef Kovac, Róisín White, Rose Comiskey, and Sarah Cullen.
    Artists presented in 2019: Aidan Kelly, Bronwyn Andrews, Clare Steele, Dianne Whyte, Giulia Berto, Hue Hale, and Justyna Kielbowicz.
    Artists presented in 2020: A New Normal, Aoife Herrity, Charlotta Hammer, Dylan Davies, Faolán Carey, Hugh Quigley, Izabela Szczutkowska, Jialin Long, Joe Marner, Niamh Smith, Sebastian Farron-Mahon, Sibéal Riordan, and Steven Nestor.
    Artists presented in 2021: Frank Miller, Richard Gosnold, Shane Hynan.
    Artists coming up: Caitriona Dunnett, Emma O'Brien, Dan Breen, Dianna Wojciechowska, Glorija Lizde, Helio Leon, Julia Mejnertsen, Martina Cleary, Wally Cassidy, and Zoe Hamill.

    The full set product information will be updated with the next 2 editions.
    Published by PhotoIreland
    36 pages each
    148 × 210 mm