A Sense of Place

Self Published


A Sense of Place is a limited edition, hand-made art book, featuring agencies and designers from around the world, working with the idea of place

Modern technology can make our world feel increasingly small – and yet people’s environments, cultures and experiences remain vastly different. Countries experience extreme climates, exhibit different political dynamics and face diverse social issues. Day-to-day experiences and challenges can be wildly different. Cultures are often ingrained and this can often shape people’s outlooks.


Athletics (New York), Bunch (London), Believe In (Mono), Daily Dialogue (Munich), Estudio Pum (Sao Paulo), Monumento (Monterrey), Lundgren+Lindqvist (Gothenburg), Studio Round (Melbourne), Studio Colorado (Amsterdam), Studio Muti (Cape Town), Typical Organisation for standards and order (Athens), Tiago Galo (Lisbon)

Self Published
Edition of 300, Numbered
12 double sided prints, with supporting text on reverse side
Includes 8 page booklet
Contents wrapped in a screenprinted jacket
160 x 210 mm.

Variation of 3 colours, unless specified, randomly chosen colour will be posted.

Shipping world-wide.
Please note: Local pick-up of orders is available from
The Library Project at 4 Temple Bar Street, Dublin 2.