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Analysing Cubism

    Analysing Cubism

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    Analysing Cubism explores the early decades of Cubism and features the work of such celebrated Cubist artists as Albert Gleizes, Evie Hone and Mainie Jellett. The exhibition focused especially on the Continental milieu in which Hone, Jellett and other Irish artists worked in the 1920s and '30s, learning from and contributing to the development of European Modernism. Analysing Cubism takes its title from the early years of the movement, sometimes referred to as 'Analytical Cubism'. However, the exhibition extended its scope to the end of the Second World War, a watershed in modern art when the focus shifted from Paris to New York. It looks at the work of a number of pioneering Irish artists who travelled to France and further afield to study modern art. The exhibition sought to place these artists in context, examining the influence of their teachers, as well as exploring the work of some of the leading international exponents of Cubism.

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