Anorak Issue 49: Mountains

Studio Anorak

This edition is the fun-est geography lesson in the whole wide world. Why? Because Anorak have managed the impossible: to interview MOUNTAINS. Yes they have! In this brand new issue, we meet Val Volcano, Billy Block and Desmond Dome amongst many others and travel around the world to learn how awe-inspiring MOUNTAINS are.

We also discover why cooking is fun, how to grow a bean plant in a few very easy steps and how tough scorpions are.

Anorak is back saving the world, or rather The Anorak Swimming Club and we read how the town of Oops went into panic mode because of a mysterious rumble.

This issue also shows us how to make our own mountain and has plenty of games to keep all little creative heads buzzing.

6-12 years
Published by Studio Anorak

56 pages
210 × 260 mm
ISBN 977175287802549

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