Aurora Argentina: Cyanotypes 1890-1894, Georges Poulet

Galerie Daniel Blau
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 Georges Poulet, the French engineer and manager of the Santa Fe Railroad Company from 1889 - 95, documented the construction of the Aurora Argentina with a rigorous series of cyanotypes, charting a new frontier in the Southern hemisphere, from Santa Fe to San Cristobal, Rosario, and finally Tucuman near the Andes. Poulet was certainly sensitive to the upheaval that his engineering project was causing, and his images of Argentina's natives and its natural wonders - giant, serpent-like cacti, or the grassy pampas - reveal a genuine love and comprehension of this wild land. This catalogue has been produced for an exhibition at Galerie Daniel Blau, Munich (2005).

Published by Galerie Daniel Blau
260 pages
220×168 mm
ISBN 9783883759326

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