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Found Footage Magazine, Issue 2 - The Library Project

    Found Footage Magazine, Issue 2

    Found Footage Magazine is an independent and printed film journal distributed worldwide. It offers theoretical, analytical and informative content that hinges on the use of archival images in media production practices.

    Issue 2 includes; 

    - A special on Barbara Hammer by Greg Youmans
    - An Interview with Barbara Hammer by Matthew Levine
    - Two Films by Jean Claude Bustros, by Dirk de Bruyn
    - Copyright in a Nutshell for Found Footage Filmmakers, by Brian L. Frye
    - mages Beyond Time: Cinema as Photographic Archive, by Clint Enns
    - History Decays into Images not Stories: A Journey with Walter Benjamin from Future to     Past, by Nazare Soares
    - Indexing versus Taxonomy: I, Dailo - or The Rules of the Game and The Thoughts That - - Once we Had, by Jonathan Rosenbaum

    Published by Found Footage Magazine
    ISSN 2462-2885

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