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    Found Footage Magazine, Issue 6

    Found Footage Magazine is an independent and printed film journal distributed worldwide. It offers theoretical, analytical and informative content that hinges on the use of archival images in media production practices.

    The latest issue, issue 6 features; 

    SPECIAL ON RAPHAEL MONTAÑEZ ORTIZ: An Archaeology of the Artist as Filmmaker
     - Raphael Montanez Ortiz: Resonances from the Concrete, by Jesse Lerner
     - And Interview with Raphael Montanez Ortiz, by Cesar Ustarroz

    -Recent Archival Engagements with the War to End All Wars, by Scott MacDonald

    -Memo from the Future: The trans-temporal work of Kirk Tougas, by Donald Brackett

    -Found Objects, Generative Footage, and Machinima: Peggy Aswesh's She Puppet, by Michael Betancourt

    - The Rejection of Camera Shooting and Its Implications for Found Footage Filmmaking in the work of Jay Rosenblatt, by Martha Rychter

    - Finding One's Feet: A pair of Ernier Gehr's. found footage videos, by Ken Eisenstein

    As well as a selection of book reviews, more essays and articles, and artworks by 
    Keitaro Oshima, Anne-Marie Bouchard, Leandro Listorti, Giuseppe Spina, Lee Hangjun, Alex Faoro, Francisca Duran.

    Published by Found Footage Magazine
    ISSN 24622885

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