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Landskrona Foto

Landskrona Foto presents photography and photographers of another country with every edition of the festival. The series started with Turkey, followed by the Czech Republic, and in 2016 it was Ireland’s turn – not just the Republic of Ireland but the whole island, including Northern Ireland.

Ireland has had a history that is dramatic and in many ways unique. For this presentation Landskrona have chosen to highlight some themes. One of these concerns is how Irish photographers have tackled and interpreted the serious political conflicts that have affected people’s lives in the last hundred years. Another theme is about how people relate to the idyllic tourist image of “the Emerald Isle”. In consultation with their institutional partners, such as PhotoIreland, Landskrona have chosen to describe the island as a cultural whole, regardless of the fact that Ireland is divided between two separate nations.

This text is divided into sections:
Another scenery / Portraits of Time / Homeland / Eyewitness

Texts by:
Nicholas Allen
Dr. Justin Carville
David H. Davidson
Ciaran Deeny
Eamonn Doyle
Ciara Hickey
Orla Fitzpatrick
Ángel Luis Gonzalez
Colin Graham
Anthony Haughey
Laurence McKeown
John McMahon
Anne McNeil
Fintan O’Toole
Grace Weir

Published by Landskrona Foto
270 x 210 mm

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