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    Migrant Journal 6: Foreign Agents


    Migrant Journal is a six-issue publication exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, fauna and flora around the world and the transformative impact they have on space.

    In 'FOREIGN AGENTS', the sixth and final issue of MIGRANT JOURNAL, you will follow the journeys of Diamond Painting across China, the real-life utopia of Esperanto, the bedazzled domes of Jerusalem and the digital landscapes of Poland, an exploration of Freud's 'uncanny' and Borges's labyrinths, but also buddae jjigae and fusion-style Polish carp among many other stories. 

    Table of Contents
    Jesse Connuck, Spam Americana
    Paul Wilson, Esperantujo, Land of the Hopeful
    Reinhard Schmidt and Gabriel Amza, Palms on Balconies
    Jonathan Liebembuk, Uncanny Labyrinths
    Dima Srouji, Bedazzled Jerusalem: City Simulacra and Unoriginal Truths
    Pol Esteve and Dennis Pohl, Post-Image EU: From TV Sets to Data Flows
    Benjamin Orlow, Asafo Flags
    Martina Muzi, 5D Diamond Family Portrait
    Nice Katlehong, Maskandi, The Travelling Man's Music
    Mirjam Kooiman, Run, Forest, Run!
    Dámaso Randulfe, Dislocations
    Marta Michalowska, Cyprinus Carpio from Tesco
    Andrew Scheinman, The Land Where Laurels Grow
    Kaspar Hauser, The Comforting Shadow of Knowledge

    Published by Migrant Journal
    192 pages
    180 x 245 mm.
    ISSN 2398984X

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