Point.51 Issue1: Journey



Point.51 is an independent print magazine of long-form journalism and documentary photography exploring essential contemporary issues in Europe – one at a time.

Issue 1: Journey

Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the concept of a united Europe has been tied to ideals of prosperity, stability, openness and tolerance – a model of inclusivity in a divided world. But the advent of the current “refugee crisis”, combined with the effects of ongoing economic austerity, has triggered a new era of nationalism and self-interest.

Today, those fleeing conflict and oppression are welcomed with open arms by some Europeans, while being shunned or demonised by others. Unity and openness are challenged by suspicion and fear – and a return to walls, wire and the infrastructure of hard borders.

In issue one, Point.51 travel from Serbia to the French-Italian border, to the North of England and the often-maligned French city of Calais exploring the journey undertaken by asylum seekers in search of sanctuary and the ordinary citizens living in the towns and communities caught up in the largest mass movement of people across Europe since World War II.

Contributors: Jelena Prtorić, Tjaša Kalkan, Julia Druelle, Rob Pinney, James Graham, Charlotte Maxwell, and Jonathan Ho.

Published by Point.51
132 pages
165 x 240 mm.
ISBN 977263166700601

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