The Observation of Trifles, Carlos Alba

La Fabrica



"The Observation of Trifles is like a foreigner trying to find their way in a new country and a new neighbourhood. I am an immigrant. Taking objects that encounter on the streets and using them as a kind of visual archeology, discover East London and its inhabitants. The combination of objects with photographs helps me to present my work to the viewer in a more physical manner and with a sense of intrigue. Thanks to the following items with you to build an analytical and expressive world of street furniture reproductions;social housing landscapes created between the 50s and 70s for Londoners and immigrants with low incomes; Details of papers with notes, drawings and addresses; photographs and film reels of citizens of East London who lost their memories in the city. The most important of this work is the people I have met through the objects I found on the street. They are the key to open an unexplored world, a place of curious self-expression, but also a world of new relationships and life stories. The observation of trifles is a work that is at the crossroads of history, the architectural document, the visual and social analysis. Not forgetting the photographic aesthetic and poetic value."

Published by La Fabrica
110 pages
230×300 mm

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