The Hill, Dylan Davies



A banged up tube TV; a studded pair of roller-skates; a handmade budgie box. At first glance these goods might seem better suited for a landfill. But at The Hill Market in Dublin’s inner city, these goods are treasure. Amongst piles of suitcases, their contents spilled out onto the sidewalks of North Cumberland Street, a diverse mix of Dubliners hunt for such treasure, often haggling in denominations of ¤2 and ¤1.

To an outsider, The Hill was nothing more than a ram-shackled flea market. To the insider, The Hill was a community and a family. After spending over 20 months at The Hill, although I’m not quite family, I feel privileged to have become well acquainted with the traders. Here on this concrete sliver of Dublin I found life, laughter, conversation and photographic treasures. The Hill was undoubtedly a true Dublin gem.


Limited edition of 200
TLP Editions, Published by PhotoIreland
Softcover, 120gsm paper
36 pages
148×210 mm

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