All Shelters Are Marked With A Sign, Charlotta Hammar


In 2018, a brochure entitled “If War Or Crisis Comes” was sent to every household in Sweden by the government with the purpose of informing citizens how to act in
a national emergency situation. Questions on protection and existential threats, both literally and figuratively, lie in Charlotta’s interest; how these eventual threats are communicated and managed in our society. She bases her research on the experience of an everyday life affected by a constant alarm blaring that if we don’t stop now, there will be nothing left to save. Every image in this work is taken on the small island where her and her family live.
The island works as a metaphor of isolation and vulnerability, though also interpreted as a protected space, a shelter without walls. This work, comprised of Rolleiflex photographs, has been a way of dealing with the gnawing feeling that everything will not be ok, despite what other people say.

Limited edition of 200
TLP Editions, Published by PhotoIreland
Softcover, 120gsm paper
36 pages
148×210 mm

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